Bear Takes Dip in Jacuzzi

Mason Terbony was vacationing in Tennessee’s Great Smokey Mountains when he saw a dark figure move across the deck of his cabin just as the sun was coming up. Upon closer inspection, he realized he was mere feet away from a huge black bear.

Although Terbony says he panicked at first, he soon realized the bear wanted nothing to do with him; he had his sights set on the hot tub. Sure enough, the beast climbed into the steaming water and relaxed. “There’s a wild black bear in the jacuzzi getting warm,” Terbony can be heard saying in a video he posted online. “Unbelievable. It’s just having a blast.”

The National Parks Service says the Great Smokey Mountains are home to 1,500 black bears. It’s unclear how many of them are regular jacuzzi users.

Has a wild animal ever made itself at home on your property?

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