Book Hotels Like Travel Experts

If you are used to booking your hotels online and wondering if there’s a cheaper or better way, Reader’s Digest spoke to some travel experts to find out how they find the best rooms. Instead of going online, some travel veterans call the hotel. Imagine that? Talking to someone on the phone might provide lower rates and special discounts you won’t be able to find on a website.

If online is your thing, the experts suggest using an all-encompassing app like or Trip Advisor because they often have deals with different hotels. A big winner is Costco travel. If you have a Costco card, use the service for member-only pricing. Travel agents still have the hook-up when it comes to securing better rooms and lower prices. If you are adventurous, one expert suggested booking the room at the front desk of the hotel. This is especially good for last-minute travel. You might be able to get a good deal especially if the hotel has a lot of open rooms.

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