Bam Margera’s Mom Hopes Dr. Phil Intervention Works, Patience Wearing Thin

Bam Margera’s mother spoke with TMZ about her son going back to rehab. The Jackass star is working with Dr. Phil and April hopes this time things work out for her son.

April Margera says her family’s patience is “wearing thin,” she stated that while Bam was laid up with a leg injury he began watching Dr. Phil and liked his philosophies and wanted to work with him. Bam spent 3 hours with Dr. Phil and TMZ is reporting that after the session Bam went to rehab for a 60-90 day treatment.

April says that Bam has the full support of their family, friends and the Jackass family and hope that Bam sticks with the treatment this time. Over the weekend Bam went on a social media rant that his mother called, “embarrassing.”

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