California Family Finds 100 Rattlesnakes Living Under Home

In what sounds like a scene from “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark,” a California family has found a snake den under their home with nearly 100 rattlers in it.

That’s not to say the homeowners knew how many snakes they were dealing with at first. When they called snake wrangler Al Wolf out to their Sebastopol home, they’d seen only a few slithering around, they say. “I get on my hands and knees and I’m not even in there a minute before I find the first rattlesnake,” Wolf says. “A total of 92 rattlesnakes under that house. I was tickled pink. I wish that happened every day to me.”

Needless to say, the homeowners didn’t share Wolf’s enthusiasm, he says. However, the snakes have been captured and Wolf says they’ll be released in rural Sonoma County this weekend.

Has your home ever been infested by animals or insects?

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