Chad Smith of RHCP gets PISSED when someone shouts “Will Ferrel”

You have to admit, there is a HUGE resemblance between RHCP drummer Chad Smith, and Anchorman Ron Burgan– Err.  Um..  Will Ferrel.

They’ve played this up a few times in the past on The Tonight Show, and once did a “Drum off” for charity.  BUT!  It seem that Chad has tired of the comparison.  Recently at a NON Chili Pepper’s show, someone in the audience shouted Ferrel’s name, to which Smith replies “SHUT UUPP!!”  Which sounded oddly like Ferrel.  However, the laughter stopped when Smith stormed off stage, knocking over any equipment that lied in his path.

The band stood awkwardly for a few moments, until Chad returned playing the whole thing off as an act..  I’m not buying it.  That dude was pissed.

What do you think?

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