Corey O’Brien’s Community, Concert and Event Calendar | Week of November 9th

Every Wednesday morning at 9, Corey O’Brien (x96, 7p to midnight) joins Radio From Hell to keep you from sitting home.

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•Jay Leno at the Eccles Theatre

You know him from his long-running car show, “Jay’s Garage” and now you can know him from a stage in downtown Salt Lake telling family-friendly jokes.


•Nero at Park City Live

You need to dance. You need to go to Park City. Do both. Huge beats, Bigly beats will be dropped.



•Morrissey at the Eccles Theatre

Moz is back at our glorious new downtown theater. Sure, the last time he came to town I fainted during “Meat is Murder” and the PETA blood-bath video that accompanied, but I feel like I could make it this time.


•3rd Annual Ogden Big Lebowski Festival at Peery’s Egyptian Theatre

The most quoted film of a generation has become and interactive event featuring you. “The Egyptian Theater Foundation presents the 3rd Annual Ogden’s Big Lebowski Festival in celebration of the 1998 Coen Brother’s masterpiece film The Big Lebowski. Get ready for the third year of bowling, White Russians, costume contest, a screening of the film, and of course mingling with lots Urban Achievers like yourselves. This year’s event will be a one-night event. Bowling and the movie all rolled up on Saturday night. We will be bowling in costume at Fat Cats before the movie and costume contest.”


•Escape the Fate at In the Venue

Such decision to make on a Saturday night.



•The Sounds at In the Venue

Why have there been so many amazing things going on Tuesday nights? Last week, we all stayed up to elect a gameshow host as leader of the free world. This go around we get The Sounds to make you all feel better. This would be the one thing I would spend my money on if I had any this week.


•Lucius at Park City Live

Great live band and an X96 Lounge X alums. Shame The Sounds are performing the same night, but if you find yourself in Park City, this is it.


That’s it for this week. Hopefully, next week will bring more things. What a light week!

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