Corey O’Brien’s Community & Concert Calendar | Week of July 27th

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Wednesday 7/27

•The Claypool Lennon Delirium

Les Claypool’s, of Primus fame, latest invention of himself is a new duo partnered with Sean Lennon (yes, that Lennon’s offspring). As Consequence of Sound says about the project, “There’s something to be said for albums like Phobos, albums whose creators have zero expectations, commercial or otherwise, behind it. They have to know there’s already a built-in audience of Primus fans and rubberneckers who are going to slow down and give it the once over. But otherwise, they just wanted to see what would happen if they downed a bunch of alcohol and edibles and played around in the studio for a few days.” So they made an album to be played in front of the same type of people. Sounds like a good night out.

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•Sundance Institute Summer Film: “When We Were Kings” at Red Butte

An amazing documentary and the best sports doc that has ever been made. “When We Were Kings” follows “The Rumble in the Jungle” when George Foreman went into the ring with recently deceased, Mohammad Ali in Zaire. It’s a free screening at Red Butte Garden’s Amphitheatre, so pack a spread and a blanket and a bottle of merlot and head up to the garden.


•Women’s Bicycle Repair Night Class

Women and your bikes, UNITE! The Ogden Bicycle Collective is hosting an event for women only. The topic they will cover are: “comfortable commuting, biking with kids, and repairing flat tires.” Tool and women bike mechanics will be on hand to lend a hand. You don’t need men ever again if you go to this. The Ogden Bicycle Collective is located at 936 E. 28th Street in Ogden, Utah.


•Doug Stanhope at The Complex

The funniest damn guy walking the earth and he’s playing The Complex you lucky ducks. He even taped his 2012 special here, so he must love us too!

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Thursday 7/28

•Twilight Concert Series: Big Grams

Phantogram and Big Boi of Outkast – only in a culture as hip as our in a country as great as our could this happen. If you haven’t heard the album you either don’t have the internet or your friends hate you and have kept you out of the loop. There is no real reason this band should exist, but since it does you should revel in it and get your ass to the show.

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•Willie Nelson & Family at Red Butte Gardens

The smoked one is playing Red Butte Gardens and while you can take booze, food and attitude into Red Butte, keep in mind the federalies still frown on the weed, man. Watch yourself, fool! This show is sold out, but for the ambitious there are tickets available for upwards of $250 a pop. That kind of cash buys a lot of medicine.


Friday 7/29

•Eve6 at Metro Bar

Best friends of X96, Eve6 return to the Salt City to play an over 21 show at Metro Bar. I love the fact they are coming to play a 21 and over show because no one under 21 will be there. Eve6 will be there to play their kick-ass songs, but no one under 21 will be. Get it? Damn! This will be a good show. You just have to be at least 21 to go. Eve6 will be joined by OZ, Christina Holmes, HiFi Murder, Smile For The Captain.

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•ToshoCON Teen Anime Convention at Viridian Center

ToshoCON is a free two-day anime convention by teens and for teens aged 12-19. Friday, July 29 3-9pm Saturday, July 30 3-10pm. This is what I know. This is what I have been told. I am just passing this along. It’s the 4th one, so it’s obviously something people like going to. I am not really one of those people, but I respect it. If I only had to do things I liked, you’d never hear Disturbed’s cover of “The Sound of Silence” ever again. I would 100 times more like to hang out at this convention than play that song again. I am 100% pro ToshoCON. Look at all these badasses in this photo:

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•The Oh Hellos & Quiet House at The Complex

The Oh Hellos are folksy band by way of Texas. A brother and sister duo they make very nice music together, but I am basing this off of only one song I have ever known of theirs, which I do like enough to buy a ticket and find out more…for what that’s worth.

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•Fictionist at Kilby Court

Love these guys. I saw them earlier this year open for Robert DeLong at Ogden’s Twlight and quite a few other times, actually. The good new is that this is one of the few things you can do no matter how old you are on this week’s list. Get out there and support Utah music!

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Saturday 7/30

•The Psychedelic Furs & The Church at The Complex

It’s love your, baby and 80’s mellow new wave goodness.

Details here.

•Fetish Ball at Area 51

It’s presented by Blue Boutique, so you know it will be sexy, leathery, latex, bondagey and maybe a bti freaky. PROTIP: don’t go and just creepily stare at people. Buy them a drink, social and interact. Unless your fetish is being a voyeur. Then I guess that’s your thing. Still, don’t be a creep.



•Vans’ Warped Tour at the Utah State Fairpark

The 22nd Vans’ Warped Tour features performances from New Found Glory, Yellowcard, Sum 41, Less Than Jake and Bruno’s Mustard Plank Pirates…maybe not that last one. It’s a ton of bands. You know the drill: mosh lovingly, don’t take anything but cash and stay hydrated.

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Sunday 7/31

•Gary Clark Jr. at Red Butte Gardens

It’s sold out, but if you have the means he is not to be missed. This guy is the genuine article.


 Tuesday 8/2

•Adult Coloring Party at King’s English Book Shop

Apparently, August 2nd is the latest made-up day in the new culture of made-up holidays. This one is no better or worse, but probably worth celebrating with the help of one of my favorite places, The King’s English Book Shop. They’ll have refreshments and all the coloring tools you’ll need. It could be a good place to meet some new people…maybe a new love and a good way to know they aren’t colorblind.


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