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*This calendar is mostly accurate. probably!

• Shoot Great Plant Photos in the Field at REI

Do you find yourself walking around with an irresistible urge to take photos of your coworker’s ficus plants or that coveted Valentine’s bouquet? Perhaps you have a phone or many memory cards full of all sorts of snapshots of flora. Well, let’s open up the possibilities for you in 2020. The Utah Native Plant Society (who would’ve thought this existed) is hosting a seminar on getting the most of your plant shots. “he discussion will highlight what makes each picture great, and what can make it better using simple techniques of composition and the proper use of light. The presentation is useful regardless of what camera or smartphone you have. There will be no discussion of camera gear or technical concepts like Aperture, Shutter speed, and ISO.” New year? Bloom!


• Big Head Todd and the Monsters at The Depot

An X96 band of yesteryear, Big Head Todd and the Monsters went platinum in 1993 album “Sister Sweetly” with the hit “Bittersweet” fueling the success. 21 and over show with Hazel Miller and Jd Simo opening.


• X96 $25 Night Riding at Brighton

Just text “Brighton” to 33986 and we will send you back a coupon to use at Brighton Friday night and ride for only $25!



• Rocky Mountain Gun Show at South Towne Expo Center

Guns…some like ’em. Some don’t. If you like ’em, you might wanna go. Goes today and tomorrow. Todd Nuke’em is giving away passes this week.


• 4th Annual Winter Festival at Wasatch Mountain State Park

I like the idea of cross country skiing. Ya know, hiking with less friction. However, I am not going to buy or rent cross country skies. I feel the same about snowshoes as well. I might try some though. I might even be inclined to try out avalanche beacons, fat-tire bikes, and enter to win a few things. From 10 am to 2 pm you can head up to Midway and give these things a go. Tickert are $5 a person for $20 for a group of 5. Make your reservations now at 435-654-1791.


• Talladega Night at Brewvies

Shake n’ Bake n’ some beer n’ some wings. Screening is free, but it’s 21+. Baby Jesus would approve.


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