COVID Lockdown Leaves Woman Trapped in Blind Date’s House


A recent last-minute COVID lockdown in China left one woman stuck inside the home of a man she’d just met for a blind date, the BBC reports.

The unidentified woman, who chronicled the ordeal on social media, says her family had set her up on a series of blind dates in Zhengzhou, where a lockdown was imposed just after she arrived at the home of date number five. “The fifth date wanted to show off his cooking skills and invited me over to his house for dinner,” the woman writes. “Despite his food being mediocre, he’s still willing to cook, which I think is great.”

Despite being locked up together for four days, the woman’s suitor failed to capture her heart. The woman describes him as being as “mute as a wooden mannequin,” adding she’s going to hold out for someone who’s “more talkative.”

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