Disney+ Announces ‘Star Wars’ Game Show Hosted By Jar Jar Binks

He’s the Donald Tump of Star Wars characters, so it makes sense that he would be hosting a gameshow. Still hungry for more Star Wars content? Disney+ has your back with a new Star Wars-themed game show – hosted by Jar Jar Binks himself. Actor Ahmed Best, who played Jar Jar in the Star Wars prequels, will be the host of Star Wars Jedi Temple Challenge, where kids compete in a contest of “the core Jedi principles: strength, knowledge, and bravery.” Lucasfilm is promising “a kids game show like no other”. The show will debut sometime in 2020.

Does this signal that Disney is getting a little desperate for Star Wars content? YES. What would you like to see in a Star Wars game show? A blank screen for 30 minutes.

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