Early Deadpool 2 Reviews Are Coming In (No Spoilers)

Deadpool 2 doesn’t come out officially until Friday, May 18, but the reviews are already rolling in. No need for spoiler alerts here.

  • The Hollywood Reporter says the 119-minute movie is “less of a surprise than its predecessor, [but] just as funny.”
  • Entertainment Weekly gives it a solid B, but also says there’s a lot of “sameness” that “just wears you out”.
  • Movieweb calls Deadpool 2 a “home run,” telling fans that it “delivers in every way that those who are excited about the movie are expecting it to.”

So, it’s not surprising that if you like the first one, you should dig this one. Also, Brewvies is showing a back-to-back screening of the films on Thursday if you’re into that kind of thing.

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