Florida Man Pulls Gun On Woman Who Refused To Use His Vape

The latest “Florida Man” is a 19-year-old who brandished his gun after a woman declined to take a puff from his vape pen. 19-year-old Kyle McGill Walker has been accused of pulling his gun on the woman at a McDonald’s in St. John’s County. Walker asked the woman if she wanted to take a hit from the pen. The woman replied, “Are you serious, bro?” He then pulled up his shirt and showed the gun. Walker pulled the gun from his pants and said, “What up now? What up now?” The woman feared for her life.

The police were called. They found Walker not too far away from the restaurant. Authorities took him back to the McDonald’s where the victim and surveillance video verified what he did. He has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill.
What did someone attempt to make you try? Did you do it?

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