Fossil Reveals Startling News about Raptors

In what may call into question the theory that dinosaurs were killed off by an ice age, scientists have discovered the remains of a baby raptor in Alaska. Although the discovery amounts to just a tiny fragment of a dino’s jawbone, researcher Alfio Alessandro Chiarenza says it’s enough to prove that prehistoric dinosaurs lived in colder regions in the North.

“This study of a predatory dinosaur jaw from a baby provides the first physical proof that at least some dinosaurs not only lived in the far north, but they thrived there,” says Chiarenza, who works for Imperial College London. “One might even say our study shows that the ancient north was a great place to raise a family and now we have to figure out why.”

Do you think dinosaurs actually went extinct, or did they evolve into another species — like birds? If dinosaurs had co-existed with humans, which would have been the dominant species?

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