Group on Venice Boat throws Tourist Overboard for Refusing to Wear Mask

A group of boat passengers in Venice threw a tourist overboard because he refused to comply with Italy’s mask mandate.

The incident occurred last week near San Zaccaria after a German visitor removed his mask several times aboard the water taxi, despite pleas from other passengers to leave it on, according to local reports. Video of the incident shows the man being thrown off the boat before becoming involved in a skirmish with a male passenger who refuses to let him climb back in. As the two nearly come to blows, the passenger is held back by others to prevent him from injuring the ousted tourist.

Italian officials have ordered all public transportation users to wear masks, as well as everyone who ventures outdoors between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

How do you feel about mask mandates? If you’d been aboard the boat, would you have taken part in throwing the tourist overboard?

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