Italian Village Will Pay YOU To Move There

If working from home has you thinking of upgrading your space, perhaps consider this offer.

Just two hours from Rome, the Italian village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio is dangling some financial goodies to those willing to relocate.

Officials will pay YOU to live there, monthly up to €8,000 ($9,300 USD) a year for the first three years. Plus, those willing to start up a business in the service industry could be eligible for a one-time grant of €20,000 ($23,000 USD).

To cash in on the deal you have to be under 40-years-old and become a resident of Italy, as well as stay for at least five years. Sound good? The deadline to apply is November 15 and you can apply over at the City Council’s website.

If you could pick up and relocate, where would you go?

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