Man Googles ‘What’s the Best Way to Rob a Store?’ before 7-11 Heist

A Maryland man on Wednesday was found guilty in a 2017 7-11 robbery after prosecutors revealed he’d prepared for the heist by searching Google: “What’s the best way to rob a store?”

The Google search was among several mistakes made by Carroll County resident Joshua Johnson. Following the crime, Johnson reportedly ditched the jacket he was wearing in a dumpster right across the street from the 7-11, says State’s Attorney Brian DeLeonardo. After investigators found it, they didn’t have to go far in tracking down its owner; Johnson’s home is just around the corner.

Johnson faces up to 15 years behind bars when he’s sentenced, court records indicate.

If authorities seized your computer, would they find anything suspicious? Thanks to things like computers and street cams, is being a criminal investigator easier than ever before?

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