Michele’s 5 Restaurant Picks, August 11th 2016


18 West Market Street, Salt Lake City
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This place is Salt Lake’s answer to Nobu but even better. You can order sashimi, which is the freshest in town, but you really want to ask your server for their suggestions. You’ll never go wrong. Try their special Takashi wine blends. Say hi to the manager Rich or high-five Takashi himself, the hip-looking owner/sushi chef behind the bar. Closed Sundays.


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151 South 500 East, Salt Lake City

Open for 25 years now, their breakfast is awesome. With a ton of vegan choices, try their Morning Glory muffin or their Breakfast Burrito. Oasis’s large patio is perfect for a summer morning. Browse the Golden Braid bookstore if there is a wait for a table or get your tarot cards read there after you eat. And, who knows? You may run into your favorite rock star. Open daily at 8:00am.


Two locations:  15th & 15th or 9th & Milk

This café has very authentic Lebanese fare.  With vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, there is something for everyone.  Both locations have outdoor seating and it is very affordable.  Try their Lebanese and Israeli wines or Lebanese, Armenian and Greek beers.  Try the 15th & 15th location where, packed with four eateries in a single block, is the social scene on a warm summer night.  Ask for Ali, the owner, who sources most of his food locally.

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Caffe Molise

55 West 100 South

Huge salads, spice-rubbed oven roasted pork tenderloin or their pasta dishes…you can never go wrong.  Their staff is amazingly friendly, which is how we know the owner Fred grows his own tomatoes.  Caffe Molise also has its own wine blend…which can also be found at their sister location BTG wine bar next door.  Their patio, complete with fountains, is the place to dine and is usually the place where patrons drop their Pokemon incense to attract many Pocket Monsters.  Say hi to Fred the owner when you are there.

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