Missing Pet Dog Returns Home, Rings Doorbell

When Rajah returned to her South Carolina home in the middle of the night and found the front door locked, she did what most people would do: She rang the doorbell. What makes that unusual? Rajah is a dog.

Owner Mary Lynn Whitacre says the 18-month-old pooch escaped from her backyard several hours earlier after she was spooked by fireworks. Although Whitacre and her husband, Ryan, searched for their beloved pet for more than seven hours, they came up empty-handed and eventually called it a night, the woman says.

Then, at about 3 a.m., the couple woke up to the sound of their doorbell. They opened the door and found Raja, who had pushed the doorbell button with her nose, Whitacre says. “She had thorns on her and seemed to have rolled in poop,” Whitacre says. “So it seems like she had a great time.”

What’s the most amazing thing your pet has done?

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