Mistakes At The Airport That Are Costing You Money


You could save money at the airport by avoiding these common mistakes. Paying for expensive parking. Instead, try arriving earlier to the airport and there is usually parking a mile or two away that is cheaper, and take a free shuttle to your gate.

Spending too much on checked baggage can also run your credit card up, be sure to weigh your bag prior to checking it to make sure it’s not overweight, pack light, and use airlines or credit cards that allow for free checked bags.

Use a reusable water bottle that can be filled up once you get past security. Water within the airport can cost up to five dollars, you could get your water with the coffee you purchase or fill up your water bottle at a filtered water station.

Shopping at the airport will cost more, and packing your carry-on with the wrong items can cost you. For instance, if you pack a full-size perfume bottle in your carry-on it could be over the 3.5 oz limit and be thrown out. =

Other costly mistakes are missing out on free amenities that your credit card may offer, getting snacks at the gate vs in the air, which could be more costly, and booking an expensive rental car at the airport rather than outside of the airport which could save you money.

What are your airport saving tips?

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