MoviePass Gives It Another Try

Hint: They still suck

MoviePass is back in action trying to make changes that work for their customers and their bottom line. Starting January 1st, MoviePass will offer three tiers of service. They all give you three movies a month. The different pricing determines what movies you can watch, when you can see them, and whether you can view them in 3D or Large Format. Ya know, inconvenient. This is a total departure from the $9.95 a month for one movie a day subscription that MoviePass launched with. Now, $9.95 will get you a 3 “select” movies a month. The most expensive tier is now $19.95.

I canceled mine at in July when ran out of money and then started that bait and switch crap where they randomly limited movies you could see around the time Mission Impossible: Fallout was released. My advice: don’t bother. To be fair, I did make it through about 12o movies with my MoviePass during its Hay Day. What a wonderful time that was!

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