O’Brien’s Public House | Roosters Brewing Co.

Ahhhhh…breathe it in. The crisp air of the fall. It’s time to put away the sours and the light summer beers and become a sophisticate. It’s time for fall beer. Ogden’s Roosters has some great fall and winter beers coming down the pipeline. I really enjoyed the Cosmic Autumn Rebellion, a Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Ale. Now, I am not a pumpkin kinda guy. I don’t do pumpkin pie, but Roosters did a really good job with this beer. If you’re cooking up a pot of chili or doing some autumn BBQ, this is your companion.

The other beer that I really enjoyed from Roosters is the High Desert Hazy IPA. Not too hoppy, but very delicious and pretty filling if you’re just looking to really enjoy a beer while relaxing on the couch, watching a movie, and waiting for Grub Hub to show up.

Anyway, Jacquie, the Head of Research and Development of Roosters Brewing Co., took some time to chat with me about some beer you really should be drinking this fall. Cheers!

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