Orem Police Offer “Prize” for the Person with the Most Pot

The Orem Police Department posted some eye-catching content to mark the occasion of 4/20 on social media offering a prize (a stay in jail) if citizens came down with their pot to prove who had the most. Cheeky, right?

Some on social media thought it was nice to see some humor in law enforcement. Others found nothing funny about joking around about ruining lives over something that is legal as medicine in Utah.

Either way, the post from the Orem Police Department could be seen as badly timed during the current state of politics, culture, and civil rights.

For those of you who celebrate 4/20, the Orem Police Department is hosting a contest! We are giving a free night’s stay…

Posted by Orem Police Department on Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Onc Facebook user, Camille Lorz, commented, “Thanks for all you do. This thread is proof there are far too many people who take you all for granted. When they need you and the powers that be have pulled the plug so you can’t be there, they’ll mourn what that had and what they disregarded.” And another, Jeremy Dougherty, “This pretty much confirms my thoughts on why cops go after drugs. You guys like to go after low hanging fruit that doesn’t harm anyone else to justify your existence.”

In Birmingham, Alabama, where all forms of marijuana are illegal, the mayor has announced plans to expunge 15,000 marijuana convictions from records of convicted users.

4/20…a weird holiday indeed.

How long do you think before the federal government legalizes recreational use?

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