Parents! Stop Posting About Your Children Online; Someday They Could Sue You

Most of us remember the first time we ‘Googled’ ourselves. In the early days of the internet, there wasn’t much, if anything. It was a blank canvas and we, mostly, had control over what content was shared. That isn’t the case for our children who are born long after we first typed our own names into a search engine. And as they do the same, The Atlantic reports, many are shocked at what they’re finding. In some cases – their entire lives – right there for the whole world to see; thanks to schools, sports leagues, and us, their parents. You know, the people telling them that they’re too young to have an email address or social media account and, when they do, to watch what they post. But are we, their parents and other ‘responsible’ adults, watching what we post of them? 92% of toddlers under two-years-old already have a digital footprint, according to internet-security firm AVG. And it goes without saying that those toddlers didn’t give consent.

It’s 2019. The digital world is bustling bigger and faster than New York City on steroids. You’re a tween, teen, young adult, who ‘Googles’ themselves for the very first time? What if you don’t like what you see? Some lawmakers and even courts have gotten involved. A 2014 ruling by Europe’s high court says internet providers must give users the “right to be forgotten.” In France, Kids can sue their parents for publishing without certain ‘personal’ information without their consent.

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