R.I.P. Costco Polish Dog

This unchecked aggression will not stand!

People are not happy with Costco’s move to change up its menu items and taking off their polish hot dogs.
Costco changed up their menu so they could include new healthy menu items, like plant-based protein salad, açai bowls, and organic burgers. They took some items away in order to make room for these new ones.

Bring back the polish #costcopolishdog

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Fans of the polish hot dog took to social media to voice their complaints and are not happy about the new healthy choices. However, Costco did say that the original all-beef hot dog combo, for $1.50 with a soda, is not going away.

Have you ever eaten at a Costco? Would you order something healthy there? I was there the other day and I thought they had just run out. Had I known, I would have followed Mitch McConnel out to while screaming, “where are the kids?” at him as he pushed his cart of turtle shell wax out to his car.

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