Radio From Hell Cosplay Soirée

Wear your favorite costume, cosplay…or whatever & come join us!

Greetings. It’s us, Kerry, Bill and Gina, with an extremely important announcement. As you know, Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X is coming up! To celebrate, we’re having a little Radio from Hell cosplay party at Quarters Arcade Bar on Wednesday, September 5th from 6 pm to 8 pm!

Of course, we’ll be playing arcade games and enjoying adult beverages too! Show up in costume to qualify to win prizes from FAN X including VIP passes & celebrity photo opportunities!

It’s The Radio from Hell Cosplay Soire Wednesday, September 5th from six to eight at Quarters Arcade Bar on 4th South & Main. All adults are welcome!

Never been to Quarters? Well, you’re missing out!

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  • Offering a wide range of alcoholic beverages from high-end craft cocktails and craft beer as well as familiar and affordable liquor and brews
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