Sacha Baron Cohen And The Most AWKWARD O.J. Simpson Interview | Who Is America?

Say what you will about Sacha Baron Cohen..


But the stones on this dude?  Daaaayyyuuummmmn.   Last night on Showtime’s “Who Is America”, Cohen as Gio Monaldo does not break character for even a split second as he uses a stabbing in the neck motion to introduce OJ, and offers to hide the knives before offering the Juice some cheese.

But the best/funniest/most awkward parts were the actual conversation.  ‘Me and you we got something in common, we both – how you say – ladykillers’.  I mean,  DUDE.   He even tries to get OJ’s advice on killing someone, then asks for Johnny Cochran’s phone number..   HA!     Again, say what you will about Cohen.  But that dude works.

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