Radio From Hell Interview: Tim Allen

On October 20th Tim Allen will be performing live at the new Eccles Theater in Downtown Salt Lake City.

He will be performing his live stand up since recently finishing the 6th season of his sitcom “Last Man Standing” on ABC. Following Bob Dylan and Huey Lewis and the News, Allen will be the fourth-day entertainment at the Eccles Theater. “Alright, now you’ve got me very upset” Allen comments as he is told about who will be performing just days before him. He is a fan of both Bob Dylan and Huey Lewis, “How can I follow that?” He asks chuckling a bit. Doors open at 7:00 pm on October 20th for the show which starts at 8:00 pm. You won’t want to miss out, tickets are still on sale at

“I was a DJ myself, for quite a while” Allen opens up about his past. “I did early disco-tech… then did radio for a while in Detroit, talk radio” Tim Allen spoke about being a radio host back in the day and shares a bit about showing his 8-year-old some music from his iPod, “Just yesterday, it comes on my iPod, and I said come on just get through a little bit of this. Blank stare, 8-year-old, nothin’ nada.” It was interesting to talk with Allen about his music interest and how he as a parent shows his kids the music he used to listen to and what interest he has in his kid’s music. “Sometimes I’m like in airports and where do I hear some… Like all of a sudden, I’ll pick up a song and sometimes it’s really old, like Paramore. I never heard the band, Paramore, before and I heard this song and I told the kid, ‘I like this’ and she goes ‘dad that’s been out a year’”

It sounds as though they are currently putting together a story for Toy Story 4 but more recently Allen just finished a movie for Netflix called “El Camino Christmas” starring Vincent D’Onofrio, Luke Grimes and more. With Christmas in the name Tim doesn’t want us to get confused, “It’s not a Christmas movie.” He says before going into details. “It’s very dark. I would say it’s a comedy but its not for children. I play a very bad character…” El Camino Christmas is said to be released in December of 2017, so look for that in the upcoming months.

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