Rick Moranis Returns from 24-Year Hiatus to Star in Honey, I Shrunk The Kids Reboot

Actor Rick Moranis is returning to Hollywood after a nearly 24-year hiatus to return a reboot of Disney’s Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. Disney hasn’t commented on Moranis’ return but actor Josh Gad confirmed the rumors on Twitter. Moranis first played the father who accidentally miniaturized his kids and neighbors with his experimental machine back in 1989. The first Honey movie’s success led to two sequels, I Blew Up The Kid and We Shrunk Ourselves. Moranis was in a string of hits like Little Shop of Horrors, Ghostbusters, and Spaceballs before leaving Hollywood 24 years ago to raise his children, according to The Hollywood Reporter. I wonder if this means he’ll appear in the new Ghostbusters movie.


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