Roller Derby and Dinosaur Cookies at the Museum

I had a great week-end at The Natural History Museum of Utah Rio Tinto Center at The University of Utah I got to talk to a Paleontologist and to Roller Derby athletes. I know this seems a strange dichotomey and it is. I will make it somewhat clear at a later date. Just know that the subject of this week’s Let’s Go Eat Show podcast is referenced above; Roller Derby and Dinosaur Cookies. You can, of course, find The Let’s Go Eat Show right here  on Just click over on the right side of the page where you see three little dots at the top. A side bar will open up and you’ll see the listing for podcasts. There you will find Geek Show and The Let’s Go Eat Show too.

The Natural History Museum was having a great Behind the Scenes event this week-end and invited me up. It’s a once-a-year thing when the public can look at the collections that are stored in the museum archives. I’ll bring you more of that in a couple of weeks. But museum folks also said I could use the cafe to interview the Roller Derby people about their sport. So I talked to these two fine skaters; Kahn and Cher


And these two as well; Golden Child and Jupiter Crash.


We talked about the sport and about the uncertain future of Roller Derby in  Salt Lake City. And we ate dinosaur cookies courtesy of  the Natural History Museum. Please listen and enjoy and support Roller Derby in our city.

Thanks for listening.

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