Salt Lake Prepares for Its First Arcade Bar

Salt Lake Hits Reset on a Nightlife Landmark

The V-shaped steps that once lead down to Club Manhattan and have been vacant for years. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, this space has been used as many different businesses,  including a cafe, a bank, a bakery, a drugstore, a pool hall and a fraternal club before it was Club Manhattan over decades. How things change. While larger cities, such as Seattle and San Francisco, have had multiple arcade bars for some time, Salt Lake is playing catchup. Hey, we’re a mid-sized market. It’s how it goes. Paint nights, trivia, bingo, ciders, have all trickled down to our fair city and now we finally get our own arcade bar thanks to Michael Eccleston and Katy Willis.

While there are places you can get a beer and play games like bowling alleys, Wendover and, eventually, Dave and Busters (currently under construction at The Gateway), those are places where families mingle alongside adults out for an adult time. It’s just less enjoyable for everyone when you have beer drinkers cracking wise with a 5-year-old’s birthday party underway on the bowling lane next to them. Quarters will be a bar. This means mixed drinks, beer, and no kids.

The crowning jewel, and something that has been a lot of chatter among my friends, is the Killer Queen machine that Quarters fired up a Kickstarter to obtain: “Killer Queen is the world’s only 10-player arcade strategy game and we want to bring the first one to Utah to live at Quarters Arcade Bar in Downtown Salt Lake City!” They pulled in almost 200 backers in 30 days for that one machine. My buddy, Nick the Nick, has been drooling over this for months.

Quarters is now open so grab your quarters and well, go play.


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