Sex-Mad Ghosts Haunt 300-Year-Old Scottish Pub

If you see these walls a-rocking, don’t come a-knocking should probably be the slogan at one of the oldest pubs in Scotland. According to those who work at and have stayed in Drover’s Inn, the place is haunted by ghosts who keep patrons awake with noises that sound like people having sex. Many of the guests claim room six is especially “full of paranormal activity,” with several noting flying orbs, the laughter of children, and even locked doors opening on their own. Yvonne McStravick, their social media manager, reveals that “a customer complained about hearing guests in a room next door getting amorous for several hours,” adding, “there had been no other guests even staying in that side of the building so we think it must’ve been the ghosts ‘getting some loving’.”

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