Single Bodybuilder Goes Viral With Outrageous Tinder Profile

A 27-year-old single bodybuilder’s Tinder profile is getting attention for the wrong reasons. It’s being called racist and misogynistic by people who have seen it on social media. The profile was re-posted by someone named Zoe. The picture showed the guy in just his underwear with his pants around his ankles. Our single loverboy has specific requirements. His profile said, “I have 3 rules… Rule 1, I don’t want to be step dad so no kids unless u have just one, I want my OWN thanks.”

He continued, “Rules 2, if you date black boys or think about it don’t even text me. Rule 3, I don’t want a time waster or someone who is a bum .. go make your own money u lazy f***s.” One person commented, “I’m going to screen shot this for when my relatives ask me why I’m still single.”

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