Some Restaurants Are Letting Employees Off To Vote

Employees at several restaurant chains across the US are getting time off to vote for this election year.

Those who work for the Colorado-based Noodles & Co will get an hour paid, while staffers at Cava get two. sweetgreen is offering three hours of paid time off on Election Day or for early voting. Those at corporate-owned Yum! Brands locations of KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut will have time too.

Starbucks encourages its staffers to volunteer as poll workers on November 3rd and is offering $75 Lyft credits for rides to and from polling stations.

Those employed by Texas-based chain JuiceLand are getting the entire day off, with founder Matt Shook noting, “Voting to me is more important than being open for business.”

How are you fitting voting into your schedule next month?

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