Stop Flushing Your Contact Lenses Down The Toilet

I’m guilty

A new study found that 21 percent of people either flush their used contact lenses down the toilet or rinse them down the sink. That’s bad. The information from The American Chemical Society conference says this is potentially awful for the environment. Contact lenses don’t decompose well. If 3 billion contacts are being rinsed away every year into our water systems, 50 tons of discarded contacts could wind up in the water supply.

The sewage sludge from that water is used to fertilize crops. The microplastic from the contacts could have an impact on insects, small animals and the groundwater could make its way into the ocean. So, STOP FLUSHING YOUR CONTACTS!

Be honest – have you ever flushed or rinsed your contacts down the drain? Why didn’t you just throw them away?

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