Student Driver Pulled Over, Busted for DUI

There are three things a person should do before taking a driving lesson: 1) Get a good night’s sleep; 2) Study the rules of the road; and 3) Try to refrain from getting drunk. A Canadian driving student apparently skipped over number three before taking a lesson Wednesday in Coquitlam. The 44-year-old student was in the car with his instructor when he blew through a stop sign, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. An officer conducted a traffic stop, and after noticing the driver displayed signs of being inebriated, they administered a sobriety test. He was “seriously impaired,” according to his arrest report. The student was hauled off to jail and the car — which belongs to the instructor, who reportedly wasn’t drunk — was towed, says RCMP Corporal Michael McLaughlin. “It’s not often we tow a car with two steering wheels, but impaired is impaired,” he says. The driver is being held for 90 days, which actually works out perfectly — because that’s when the impound is due to release the instructor’s car.

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