Subway Lawsuit Now Claims Chicken, Pork and Beef found in ‘Tuna’

A lawsuit filed against Subway that accuses the franchise of using non-tuna in its tuna subs has been amended after lab tests found chicken, pig and cattle DNA in the mystery meat.

The change marks the third time plaintiffs Karen Dhanowa and Nilima Amin have amended the lawsuit. The latest addition claims the duo collected 20 tuna samples from 20 different Subways in southern California, which they then submitted to a lab for testing. According to the lab, 19 of the 20 samples contained “no detectable tuna DNA sequences whatsoever” — but researchers did find pork, chicken, and beef in 11 of the samples, per the amended suit.

Despite the findings, Subway officials continue to maintain their tuna is the real thing. “Subway tuna is high-quality, wild-caught, 100 percent tuna,” a spokesman says. “The plaintiffs have filed three meritless complaints, changing their story each time. This third, most recent amended claim, was filed only after their prior complaint was rightfully dismissed by a federal judge.”

Have you ordered a tuna sub since the first lawsuit was filed?

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