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X96 invites you to check out SUGAR GLIDER
an exciting new comic book series with a cause

SUGAR GLIDER is the creation of 12 year old Shelbi Webb, touching on the challenges facing young people today and features the X Ambassadors! Don’t miss the official SUGAR GLIDER LAUNCH PARTY on Saturday, May 12th at 50 West Club & Café where you can purchase the first episode featuring X AMBASSADORS, and party with X96 from 10:00am to 2:00pm!

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Win your way into the SUGAR GLIDER LAUNCH PARTY by filling out the form below or by listening for the keyword to text to 33986 announced by Radio From Hell every morning this week!

VERNAL MIDDLE SCHOOL student Shelbi Webb teams up with her father Jason Webb in her comic book writing debut with SUGAR GLIDER featuring X AMBASSADORS this May.  SUGAR GLIDER featuring X AMBASSADORS is the inaugural 4-part series that introduces you to Jordyn McKenzie, a High School Track & Field star in Blackbirch CA.  Blackbirch is an unassuming coastal town with beachfront shoppes and close access to the mountains.  One Spring day the world of Blackbirch and its youth are turned upside-down when a meteor shower passes closeby and one crashes to earth in the mountains.  Something within the meteors has affected the youth and given them strange new abilities unlocked by their emotional and physical states.  

SUGAR GLIDER (A COMIC WITH A CAUSE) shows it’s true intent.  Jordyn, our heroine, is right at ‘ground zero’ when the meteorite hits the ground.  The meteorite amplifies Jordyn’s natural athletic abilities allowing her to run at superspeed, increasing metabolism and escalating her healing; but Jordyn’s HEART and EMPATHY are affected the most.  Jordyn feels an overwhelming drive to help others.  Youth in Blackbirch weren’t quite as fortunate as Jordyn; adolescents such as Lauren Yeung were touched by the meteor shower in a different way. It altered her frame of mind and body which gave Lauren superhuman abilities and destructive capabilities based on emotional feelings in regards to the way she looks.   SUGAR GLIDER featuring X AMBASSADORS will include the popular band in this 4-part story arc.  Just like in the Scooby-Doo cartoons of the past, the X AMBASSADORS will assist Jordyn (SUGAR GLIDER) in identifying the struggles facing our antagonist, Lauren, and finding a way to help her.

Shelbi has already experienced her share of being a victim of bullying and has lost family members and friends to suicide.   SUGAR GLIDER featuring X AMBASSADORS is her attempt to help youth identify their own struggles and put a voice to the issues while assisting them to heal or find an outlet to do so.  Teaming up with X AMBASSADORS to help get the word out along with other organizations such as GIRLS RULE, TYLER ROBINSON FOUNDATION and CHANGE4LOVE, Shelbi’s ambition is to make a small difference in the world and hopefully create change in how adolescent issues are perceived and dealt with.

SUGAR GLIDER featuring X AMBASSADORS will officially launch on May 12th at an exclusive LAUNCH PARTY at The Club and Café at 50 West in SALT LAKE CITY from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Advertising for the Launch Party will begin on April 14th on X96 in the Salt Lake area. There will be a HOMETOWN LAUNCH on April 28th from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the Uintah County Library – Vernal.  More information about tickets to the LAUNCH PARTY, purchasing the comic book as well as other upcoming events for SUGAR GLIDER go to and check out the event on Facebook.

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