Texas Couple Finds Pet Chihuahua Hiding Inside Luggage


They Didn’t Gamble On This: Texas Couple Finds Pet Chihuahua Hiding Inside Luggage A Texas couple heading to Las Vegas for a vacation had a surprise stowaway in their luggage. When Jared and Kristi Owens went to check-in for their Southwest flight out of the Lubbock airport, they were told their suitcase was overweight by about five and a half pounds. As they scrambled to move things around in the luggage — they discovered an unlikely tag-along: their pet Chihuahua, Icky. The Owens said she was all snuggled in underneath a bunch of clothes. According to the couple, a Southwest employee actually offered to watch Icky so they could still catch their flight (they called friends to come to pick up the pup) Have you ever had an unexpected stowaway in your luggage? Or maybe something funny you had no idea your kids threw into your bag?

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