The Best of The Cure Songs | 15 Top Cure Songs

The Best of The Cure songs
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Top 15 Songs by The Cure | The Best of The Cure Songs

Welcome, fellow gloomy souls and lovers of melancholic tunes! Today, we shall embark on a journey into the enchanting world of The Cure, a band that has been serenading our dark hearts since the late ’70s. So, put on your black eyeliner, grab your cup of cold, black coffee, and let’s dive into the best of The Cure songs that are guaranteed to rock your goth socks off!

Best of The Cure Songs

Just Like Heaven (1987)

Prepare to be swept off your feet by the romantic whirlwind “Just Like Heaven.” With its dreamy guitar riffs and Robert Smith’s hauntingly beautiful voice, this song will make you feel like you are floating in a goth-infused paradise.

Pictures of You (1989)

“Pictures of You” is a melancholy masterpiece that’ll have you reminiscing about lost loves and late-night graveyard strolls. Keep a box of tissues handy because this one is a tearjerker. This is truly one of The Cure’s best songs.

Lovesong (1989)

As one of the most iconic love songs, “Lovesong” is The Cure’s ode to eternal devotion. Its dark and moody atmosphere and heartfelt lyrics make it a must-listen for all the lovesick souls out there.

Friday I’m in Love (1992)

Ready to let your inner goth dance the night away? “Friday I’m in Love” is the perfect cure for midweek blues. This upbeat, catchy track will have you bouncing around your crypt, celebrating the weekend’s arrival.

Boys Don’t Cry (1979)

Embrace your sensitive side with “Boys Don’t Cry,” a song that challenges toxic masculinity while making you want to dance around in your fishnets. This post-punk classic reminds you that letting those tears flow is okay, no matter who you are.

A Forest (1980)

Wander into “A Forest” and get lost in the mesmerizing guitar riffs and eerie vocals. This haunting track is perfect for late-night walks through foggy cemeteries or quiet contemplation by candlelight.

Close To Me (1985)

Get up close and personal with “Close To Me,” a song that will make you feel like you’re sharing a dark, intimate moment with Robert Smith himself. The catchy beat and funky bassline are the perfect backdrops for a night of shadowy dancing.

The Lovecats (1983)

Unleash your inner feline with “The Lovecats,” a playful and jazzy tune that will have you and your fellow goths dancing like a pack of mischievous black cats under the moonlight.

Burn (1994)

Ignite your passion for The Cure with “Burn,” a song featured in the cult classic film “The Crow.” Its hypnotic beat and fiery lyrics will set your soul ablaze and leave you wanting more.

Disintegration (1989)

Let “Disintegration” take you on an emotional rollercoaster with its intense lyrics and powerful instrumentals. This heart-wrenching track is a testament to the band’s ability to evoke profound feelings in their listeners.

Lullaby (1989)

Tuck yourself into bed with “Lullaby,” a deliciously creepy tune that’ll have you checking under the bed for spiders. With its haunting melody and eerie lyrics, this song is perfect for drifting off to sleep—or keeping you up all night.

In Between Days (1985)

Rock your goth socks off with “In Between Days,” a punchy, upbeat track that will have you dancing in the shadows like it’s 1985 all over again. This song is the perfect reminder that even the darkest souls need to let loose sometimes.

The Caterpillar (1984)

Flutter into a whimsical world with “The Caterpillar,” a quirky and enchanting song that’ll have you feeling like you’re floating through a psychedelic garden of melancholy. Its unique melody and trippy lyrics make it a must-listen for all Cure fans.

Fascination Street (1989)

Stroll down “Fascination Street” and get lost in its dark, hypnotic rhythms. This moody, atmospheric track is perfect for late-night drives through the city or brooding contemplation in your favorite dimly lit corner.


There you have it, my fellow creatures of the night: our top 15 Cure songs that’ll have you dancing, brooding, and reminiscing like it’s the ’80s all over again. So, dust off your vinyl collection, light some candles, and immerse yourself in The Cure’s gloomy, whimsical world. Remember, these timeless tracks will permanently cure what ails you, whether you’re feeling lovesick or just needing a gothic pick-me-up.


Q: What is The Cure’s genre?

A: The Cure’s genre uniquely blends post-punk, gothic rock, and new wave. Their music often features moody atmospheres, introspective lyrics, and darkly romantic themes.

Q: When did The Cure form?

A: The Cure was formed in Crawley, West Sussex, England, in 1976.

Q: Who are the members of The Cure?

A: The Cure’s lineup has changed multiple times, but the constant force behind the band is the lead singer and guitarist, Robert Smith. Other notable members are Simon Gallup (bass), Porl Thompson (guitar), Lol Tolhurst (drums, keyboards), and Roger O’Donnell (keyboards). Over the years, The Cure has seen several lineup changes, but these musicians have played critical roles in shaping the band’s unique sound.

Q: Which Cure album should I start with?

A: If you’re new to The Cure’s vast discography, you may want to begin with Disintegration (1989) or The Head on the Door (1985). These albums showcase the band’s signature blend of dark romance, melancholic melodies, and haunting atmospheres. But first, explore their discography—you never know which hidden gem might become your new goth anthem!

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