“The Last Blockbuster” Is About More Than Just A Video-Rental Chain’s Demise

Remember the days of driving to the local Blockbuster, picking out the perfect movie and maybe some snacks while waiting in line?

You can relive those days with the release of “The Last Blockbuster”, a documentary about what the rental icon used to be and what movie theaters are dealing with now during the pandemic.

In the documentary, you’ll see the last remaining Blockbuster store located in Bend, Oregon, that has become more of a tourist stop than anything.
The fall of Blockbuster is said to be partly contributed to streaming giants like Netflix, and new technology. Additionally noted that corporate greed and misguided decision making are to blame.

Former Blockbuster CFO stated that he can’t imagine anyone missing a trip to the video store these days.

Do you miss the days of running up to your local Blockbuster and renting 4 or 5 of the latest releases? Did you ever get late fees for not returning a video on time; how much in late fees?

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