These Tiger King Facts Are Crazier Than The Netflix Documentary

If you’ve watched Netflix’s Tiger King and thought “This couldn’t get ANY crazier!”, it does, thanks to Buzzfeed’s research team. If you thought Joe Exotic’s singing on “I Saw A Tiger” or “Here Kitty, Kitty” was too good to be true; you’re right. Two other musicians wrote and performed the songs while Exotic “sang quietly” over the tracks. Exotic may have never won a seat in national or state politics, but he was once the Police Chief of a tiny Texas town when he was 19. Seems he left that behind to continuously breed ligers in hopes it would recreate a new type of saber-tooth tiger. Joe was also married before he married his husband…and his husband…in the documentary. One of his previous ex-husbands was in jail for molestation but now serves time for murder…and poor Rick Kirkman; after watching his retirement burn with Joe Exotic’s TV studio, the producer’s home was completely destroyed in a fire six months later. By the way, if you’re not comfortable calling Doc Antle another name for “God”, he went by “Kevin” during his school years.

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