Thief Makes Off With Nearly $100K in Ramen Noodles

Somebody must have been really hungry to steal $100K worth of Ramen Noodles.

Fayette County deputies in Georgia say that a 53-foot trailer carrying the noodles was stolen between July 25 and August 1. Georgia authorities are investigating a string of thefts in the area of a variety of objects, including a large amount of Ramen Noodle. The average Ramen packet costs us only 13 cents. You could eat three square meals a day for an entire year for just $142.65 Do you think the Ramen Noodles were what these thieves were after? How many Ramen Noodle meals have you eaten? What would you have done if you stole the truck and then opened up the back to find you have a truckload of Ramen Noodles?

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