TikToker Claims Her Life Is Harder Because She Is “Attractive”

A TikToker named Ariana has shared that she believes her life is harder because she’s “attractive”.

She explained that “pretty privilege” is a real thing and often times she struggles to make girlfriends.

Ariana said that she meet girls who would want to be friends and hang out but then would never call her. When she asked her family if she was “missing something” about why she can’t make friends she said this was their response: “They were like Ari, it’s so obvious. People don’t like to not be the prettiest person in the room”.

She added that her family told her that she can come across as intimidating because of how she looks.


Share your experiences if you’re comfortable in the comments. (Tw: #prettyprivilege ) #prettygirl #perks #malegaze #commentary #opinion #experience

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Do you agree with her? Do you think life is harder for “attractive” people? Have you ever been told that you were intimidating because of your looks?

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