Two-Thirds of Women Say They’ve Been Bullied by Another Woman in the Workplace

Are you being bullied in the workplace?

You may be and don’t even know it, a study in the Journal of Development and Learning in Organizations found that two-thirds of women say they’ve been bullied in the workplace, not by men, but by other women. The practice is called “Queen Bee” syndrome and it can lead to reduced productivity, reduced employee satisfaction, grievances and lawsuits, and lower profitability.

Cecilia Harvey, a London-based consultant and author of the study says that 70 percent of women have experienced workplace bullying and 33 percent have experienced women being unhelpful, socially aggressive and undermining. 75 percent of the respondents in the study believe that Queen Bee behavior stems from insecurity or a feeling of needing to be the only “top” woman in the workplace.

Have you experienced the “Queen Bee” syndrome in your workplace? How do you handle it?

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