Joyce University How a BSN Can Launch Your Nursing Career

Start your career with Joyce University

If you have a calling to become a nurse, there’s never been a better time to start your dream career with Joyce University.

  • Nursing is an in-demand occupation that is extremely rewarding personally, professionally, and financially. You make a great living helping people and supporting your community.
  • The best investment is an investment in yourself. Joyce University offers many prelicensure nursing pathways; including an Associate of Science program and both a traditional 3-year Bachelor of Science and accelerated Bachelor of Science programs in nursing.

About Joyce University Programs:

  • Joyce University, formerly known as Ameritech, has served Utah since 1979.
  • We’re known for nursing education, with programs designed to help students enter the nursing profession as quickly as possible.
  • For those looking to become registered nurses, we have 4 very popular programs:
  • If you’re new to college, we offer an Associate and Bachelor in Nursing program where you can graduate in as little as 20 months.
  • If you have a degree in a non-nursing field, we offer an Accelerated Bachelor of Science and a Direct Entry Master’s that build on your previous degree to help you enter the nursing profession in as little as 2 years.
  • Our programs don’t have prerequisites, so you don’t have to spend years completing additional coursework before beginning.

About Our Students:

  • Our university has students of all ages and backgrounds from students directly out of high school to students in their 50s or older.
  • We’ve had CNAs, business people, and even attorneys go through our program, so when you come to Joyce, you’ll get to engage with students of all life experiences.
  • We have thousands of nurse alumni working in Utah and beyond, so if you’ve any time in a healthcare facility in our state, you’ve likely engaged with a Joyce nurse.

Alternatives to Nursing:

  • If you want to pursue a career in healthcare but aren’t quite sure about nursing, we also offer an exceptional Occupational Therapy Assistant program and just launched a Respiratory Care program.

For more information about Joyce University and its nursing programs, visit joyce.edu.

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