Urban Legends That Turned Out To Be Completely True

Passed down from generation to generation, kids like to frighten each other with urban legends about their hometowns. While normally dismissed as tall tales, some are actually true. If something went missing in The Pine Tree State, residents would claim the Maine Hermit took the item. Turns out there really was someone living in the woods who only emerged to grab stuff to survive.

Fairfax County, Virginia folks know all too well about the Bunny Man, who was said to chop up children and animals. No one was actually murdered, but a man in a bunny costume was running around with a hatchet. The idea of being buried alive might seem far fetched today, but it really happened to Octavia Hatcher in the 1800s. When her coffin was dug up, scratch marks and a torn lining were found along with her bloody fingers.

That and Tom DeLonge has managed to get the Navy to admit that there are UFOs. Go figure.

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