Utah is the 2nd Happiest State in America

Do you feel happy?

To determine where Americans have the highest satisfaction with life, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 31 key indicators of happiness. The dataset ranges from emotional health to income level to sports participation rate.

The United States, overall, isn’t as happy as it was last year, ranking 18 on the World Happiness Report. That’s 4 spots down from where it was last year.

Utah, however, is quite happy. Our state ranked number 2 in the U.S. What contributes to this super score? Well, Utah’s numbers were pretty healthy according to the criteria Wallethub’s study used to determine happiness (notice that sex isn’t one of them):

  • 7th – Adequate-Sleep Rate
  • 6th – Long-Term Unemployment Rate
  • 1st – Number of Work Hours
  • 1st – Volunteer Rate
  • 1st – Separation & Divorce Rate
  • 5th – Income Growth
  • 4th – Safety

Who beat out Utah for the number one spot? Well, the kids at BYU Hawaii sure know as our island state took the top spot. Not a huge surprise there. West Virginia came in at 50. Don’t tell them, though. They don’t need another reason to be sad.

Read the full report over at Wallethub.

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