Vegas Opens Wedding Chapel Inside Airport


Although Valentine’s Day is over, Las Vegas wedding chapels are traditionally overrun with requests for weddings throughout the entire month of February. And now city officials have done something to ease the burden on them.

For the fourth year in a row, the city has opened a “pop-up marriage license bureau” for amorous couples who want to get hitched in a hurry. What’s more is they don’t even have to call an Uber before tying the knot; the pop-up bureau, called “the Cute Little Wedding Chapel,” is located in Harry Reid International Airport. The cost of getting married there: $14.

The Clark County Clerk says more than 80,000 marriage ceremonies are expected to be performed in Sin City this year — and a good chunk of them will happen on February 22nd because couples want their anniversary date to be “2-22-22.”

Would you expect a couple married in a quickie ceremony in Vegas to stay together?

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