Want To Go Keto? Here’s What You Can & Can’t Eat

Celebrities from Jimmy Kimmel to Lebron James have all shown love for the high fat, low-carb Ketogenic diet. The diet supposedly forces your body to burn fat instead of sugar but if you’re thinking of “going keto” check out what can and can’t have!

Keto eaters can dine on meats (including bacon!!!!), seafood, fats & oils, nuts, high-fat dairy (did someone say cheese!!!!), low carb veggies and low sugar fruits.

In exchange for all of that cheese and bacon, Keto eaters will have to give up grains & carbs (that means bread & pasta), potatoes, sugar, fruits high in sugar and low-fat products.

My doc said it works but simply isn’t sustainable. Also, if you’re thinking this article is complete fluff, it is. I am going to go and finish reading the graphic novel “Boxers and Saints” by Gene Luen Yang. I highly recommend it.

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