Wednesday Is World Cocktail Day

A cool refreshing cocktail could take some of the edge off. Today (Wednesday, May 13th) is World Cocktail Day. You may have started making your drinks at home since you can’t head out to your favorite Salt Lake cocktail spots like you used to. Some of the world’s most famous hotels have revealed recipes for their iconic libations for you to try out your mixology skills.

The Waldorf-Astoria in New York has released its mix for a Rob Roy. Take a trip to Australia and try the Tim Tam Espresso Martini from the Intercontinental Sydney. There are plenty more recipes where those came from. Cheers and drink responsibly.

Here are some you can make:

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~ Awaken me from Groundhog Day ~ 💚 I think it says it all in the name 😉 and I've got just the recipe. ~ Awaken me from Groundhog Day ~ 💚 10-12 mint leaves 25ml fresh lemon juice 20ml sugar syrup (ratio 2:1) 50ml @agwacocaleaf Splash of @longtailmixers Lemon Sour Garnish with mint, lemon and blooms Agwa de Bolivia created with coca leaves and 37 other botanicals. Herbal, lemon & lime, hint of sweetness and floral notes. Amongst the ingredients, there is guarana, ginseng and green tea. This might just be what #KateMoss was really after when the Espresso Martini was created to fulfill her request 😉 💚 🍸📸©️ @forcocktailsake #mojitos #mojito #cocktails #drinks #margaritas #agwadebolivia #cocteles #mojitotime #mixology #instagood #imbibe #craftcocktails #garnishgame #drinkup #homebartender #yummy #caipiri #craftedmixology #mint #happyhour #cocktailrecipe #mixers #drinkstagram

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This evening’s cocktail is dedicated to my beautiful, witty, incredibly stylish mother, who we so sadly lost back in 2015, after years of battling the damaging effects of pre-bone marrow transplant chemotherapy. She often savored a cocktail (usually a gin martini on the rocks) in the evening with my “Italian Stallion” father also known as “The Eagle.” Apparently, she enjoyed this evening’s featured cocktail a bit too much while spending an evening at a popular bar in the French Quarter. In the humorous words of my 80-year-old father, “Mom and I got zonkered at the Napoleon House in NOLA on just two of these. It was bad, really bad! Lots of wall-banging going on that night!” Harvey Wallbanger History This one is basically a screwdriver with an Italian twist. As legend has it, back in the 1950s, a bartender named, Donato “Duke” Antone, created the Harvey Wallbanger at his Los Angeles bar, the Blackwatch. A surfer, named Tom Harvey, wandered into the bar after wiping out at a nearby surfing competition requesting a Screwdriver with a hint of Galliano. He proceeded to get so inebriated after consuming several glasses of the cocktail that he began staggering into the walls: hence, the naming of the Harvey Wallbanger. The surfer tale was hardly believable, but it was verified that Antone did serve up a drink at the Blackwatch containing vodka, orange juice, and Galliano, called the Duke Screwdriver. Goerge Bedner, former marketing director of the company that imported Galliano Liqueur, was thought to be brains behind the Wallbanger name. In 1969, Bedner introduced a cartoon surfer mascot, named Harvey Wallbanger to assist in marketing the drink. Galliano sales skyrocketed and the Harvey Wallbanger took off as one of the most popular disco drinks of the 1970s. Recipe 1 1/4 oz vodka 3 oz orange juice 1/2 oz Galliano Garnish: orange slice, maraschino cherry Add vodka and orange juice to a tall cocktail glass filled with ice. Stir to mix contents. Float Galliano on top by pouring it slowly over the back (rounded side) of a bar spoon. Garnish with an orange wheel and cherry. Enjoy! #cocktailtime #cocktails #harveywallbanger #drinking #alcohol #galliano #vodka

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